Learn how to use the “fs” module in Node.js

Glasses on notepad
Glasses on notepad
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The file system module, or simply fs, allows you to access and interact with the file system on your machine.

Using the fs module, you can perform actions such as:

  • Modifying files and directories.
  • Deleting files and directories.
  • Reading the content of files and directories.

This article will teach you the most common and useful fs methods. Without further ado, let's see what those methods are.

How To Use fs

The file system module is a core Node.js module. That means that you do not have to install it. …

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Learn how to use command-line arguments in your Node.js application

In this article, you will see how to pass command-line arguments to your Node.js application. You will also learn how to access them.

However, before proceeding further, let’s start with some basic stuff. To run a Node.js application, you run the following command in your terminal:

node index.js

Thus, when you run the above command, you can pass any number of arguments. When it comes to command-line arguments, there are two types:

  • key-value arguments such as node index.js myArg=myVal

Now, the next step is to learn how you can access these arguments in…

Learn how to use the new Notion API with Node.js and FastifyJS

Empty resume and laptop on desk
Empty resume and laptop on desk
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Notion is a productivity software that allows you to create systems for knowledge management, project management, and note-taking.

They recently released their API to the public. You can use the API to integrate your Notion data to any application you want.

Thus, this article shows you to:

  • use FastifyJS to create the API

Without further ado, let’s start configuring your Notion workspace.

Create Integrations on Notion

Go to your Notion integrations and create a new integration by clicking on the “+ New Integration” button. After that, you will be prompted to fill three fields:

A curated list of the 14 best browser extensions that will help developers and improve their productivity

man jumping into a mountain lake from a high ledge
man jumping into a mountain lake from a high ledge
Photo by Victor Rodriguez on Unsplash

In this article, you can see the top 14 browser extensions for developers. This curated list of the best browser extensions aims to help improve your productivity and save you time.

1. BlockSite

The BlockSite extension is excellent for blocking distractions and letting you stay focused. It stops procrastination by allowing you to block distracting and harmful websites.

Each time you try to access a blocked website, you will get an error. Are you addicted to social media websites? No problem. You can block them so they do not distract you.

Learn what the Vue CLI and UI are and how to use them

Photo by Pankaj Patel on Unsplash

In this article, you will learn about the Vue Command Line Interface.

Vue CLI allows you to create pre-configured Vue projects. Also, if you prefer graphical user interfaces, you can use the Vue GUI to create and configure your projects.


Before following the tutorial, you should have basic knowledge about terminals and Vue. Additionally, you should have Vue installed on your machine. You can check whether you have Vue installed or not by running either of the two commands:

vue -V



vue -V outputs the Vue version you have on your machine. …

Increase your chances of getting hired

“FOR HIRE” sign
“FOR HIRE” sign
Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash.

Finding your first developer job is a difficult task. First of all, it is challenging because of the number of candidates you are competing with. Secondly, the job descriptions feature high requirements.

However, there are ways you can make it less challenging and improve your chances of getting a job. In this article, you are going to see how to do that.

I want to mention that the advice in this article is not mandatory. Do you have to follow it? Absolutely not. Do the tips help? Absolutely. Everyone has different circumstances and not everyone can apply all these pieces…

Learn the fundamentals of Vue through a practical example using Vue3

The article aims to teach you the fundamentals of Vue using Vue 3. But, do not worry! If you learn these fundamental building blocks of Vue, you can create applications using any Vue version.

Before going further, I want to outline what you will learn by following the tutorial. You will learn how to:

Create the Vue app

If you are familiar with the command line/terminal, you can follow the steps…

Learn how to use the Hashnode API to display your articles in other places

A photo of a laptop with code on
A photo of a laptop with code on
Photo by Oskar Yildiz on Unsplash

Hashnode has an API that you can use however you please. Using the API, you can retrieve, create, edit and delete articles. Additionally, you can manipulate replies and reactions.

As a result, you can use the API to display your blog articles in other places like your personal portfolio, for example.


There is some stuff you should be familiar with before you continue. The article shows how to use the Hashnode API, but it does not teach you about the underlying technologies.

To follow the tutorial and implement the application, you should have basic knowledge about:

  • GraphQL
  • HTTP requests

Learn how to use these two technologies together to build a REST API

laptop screen with code on it
laptop screen with code on it
Photo by Nate Grant on Unsplash

This article will teach you how to use Node.js, Fastify, and HarperDB to build a course management system. This application will help you track the courses you are doing and the courses you plan to do.

You will use the following technologies:

  • HarperDB
  • Fastify


When it comes to Node.js and Fastify, people are familiar with these technologies. However, when it comes to databases, there is a new kid on the block.

alt text

Learn how to monetise your knowledge and create a side income

Writing paid technical articles is a great way to create a side-income or even a salary. Thus, this article will teach you how to make money with technical articles as a developer.

The good thing is that you can make money with technical articles even if you are not a super experienced developer. However, that does not mean you should not have a bit of experience. To put things into perspective, I made money writing articles as a junior developer. So it is doable.

With that being said, this article assumes no knowledge about the subject. As a result, you…

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