Let these mind-blowing portfolios inspire your next portfolio

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For web developers, a personal portfolio page is like a resume. Instead of listing your skills on a resume in the traditional way, you can prove your competence with a personal portfolio.

When people or potential employers see your portfolio, they can get a glimpse of your skills. …

Learn how to make your first open-source contributions

Contributing to open-source is a great way to improve your programming skills, help others and learn how to work in a collaborative environment.

However, many people are put off by the complexity of the projects. They also think that contributing to open-source is all about coding.

But that is not…

Build an App with Nuxt.js and GraphCMS: Vote Your Favourite Tech Courses

Video version


In this tutorial, you are going to build a voting application for tech courses. The voting application allows people to vote courses from tech so people can find quality courses.

If you like a course and think it’s a quality course, you can upvote it. …

A list of resources I used to learn Vue.js as a complete beginner

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In this article, I want to show you the five resources I used to learn Vue.js as a complete beginner. Some of the resources are free, whereas some are paid.

1. Vue Mastery

Vue Mastery is an online learning platform that produces weekly lessons about Vue, and it has both free and premium…

Learn how to implement a MySQL database in your Node.js project

Drawing of laptop, plant, crayons, and map on a table

In this tutorial, you learn how to use a MySQL database in your Node.js project with Docker. You will build a simple application that allows you to collect email addresses from people.

The technologies used in this tutorial are:

  • Node.js
  • Docker
  • Express
  • MySQL

Create the Project Structure

The first step is to create the…

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