Let these mind-blowing portfolios inspire your next portfolio

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  • How should I structure it?
  • What technologies should I use to build it?

What tutorial hell is and why do you need to escape

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Learn how to build and monetize your APIs

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What’s an API?

Let’s start by refreshing our memory on what an API is. The acronym API stands for Application Programming Interface, and it’s a way for two computer programs to communicate between them.

Learn how to make your first open-source contributions

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  • Creating supporting materials
  • Reviewing code
  • Translating to other languages
  • Structure and re-structure the code and project structure

Learn how to create a custom API inside Nuxt.js

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serverMiddleware Property

Nuxt has a property called serverMiddleware that allows you to create additional API routes inside your application.

Build an App with Nuxt.js and GraphCMS: Vote Your Favourite Tech Courses

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Video version


  • Nuxt.js
  • TailwindCSS

About GraphCMS

GraphCMS is the first GraphQL native Headless CMS. …

About the new AI application from GitHub

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What is GitHub Copilot?

According to GitHub, their Copilot application is an artificial intelligence pair programmer that “helps you write code faster and with less work”.

A list of resources I used to learn Vue.js as a complete beginner

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1. Vue Mastery

Vue Mastery is an online learning platform that produces weekly lessons about Vue, and it has both free and premium content. The lessons or tutorials are both in video and article format. Thus, you can choose the format you like most.

Learn how to implement a MySQL database in your Node.js project

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  • Docker
  • Express
  • MySQL

Create the Project Structure

The first step is to create the project structure. For the moment, you need:

  • A .env file.
  • A file with the server/database configuration.
take nodejs-mysql
touch index.js
touch .env

Run MySQL With Docker

To avoid inconsistencies…

Things that should make your path to programming easier today

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1. Be an Active Learner

There are two types of learning, and they differ greatly in effectiveness. The two types of learning are:

  • Passive learning

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