Rethink Full-Stack Development: Is a Custom Backend the Best Choice?

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8 min readJun 16, 2023
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This article covers the conventional way of building full-stack applications and why manually building your backend is not always the best choice. You’ll see an alternative solution for your backend needs that can be used standalone or coupled with your custom-built backend.

The issues with the traditional backend

The conventional approach to developing full-stack applications involves the tedious and time-consuming process of building the entire application from scratch.

The backend development requires setting and configuring servers, implementing the business logic, and managing databases. Building and maintaining a complex backend from scratch would take substantial resources. So why reinvent the wheel when you can use an existing solution that you can tailor to your needs with code? But more on that later.

It’s important to mention that a custom-built backend might be the most appropriate solution in specific scenarios. However, in most cases, an existing solution that you can tailor to your needs through code is more than sufficient. It allows you to speed up the development process and move faster by automating the most tedious work. It also frees up resources so you can focus on business-critical tasks. Besides that, you do not need to choose one or the other. You can have the best of both worlds, as you will see later.

The main pain points are as follows:

  • complex and lengthy development process
  • a substantial amount of resources required
  • slow time-to-market
  • maintenance required
  • scalability and security are difficult

Headless API solutions

The alternative to custom-built backend applications are the Headless API solutions. A Headless API is an architectural design where the user interface (frontend) is decoupled from the business logic and data storage (backend). The backend exposes the data through an API. The frontend then uses the API to communicate with the backend.

There are multiple advantages to this approach:



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