Should Developers Use An Existing Blogging Platform Or Build A Blog From Scratch

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What matters most

  • Having a personal domain — Having your domain is essential for two reasons. First of all, your blog looks more professional. Secondly, all the SEO benefits go to YOU. Hashnode is the only blogging platform that allows you to use your domain and for free. If you decide to move away, you retain all the SEO benefits, unlike other blogging platforms.
  • Focusing on content rather than building — Ask yourself if you want to focus ONLY on creating content or building/maintaining it too? Using a blogging platform allows you to focus solely on publishing content.
  • Money — Do you want to pay monthly fees for your blog, or do you want to blog for free? With a custom blog, you need to pay for hosting, certificates, and so on. With a blogging platform, you only have to pay for a domain (if you use a platform like Hashnode); otherwise, it’s free.
  • Do existing blogging platforms have all the features I am looking for? — A critical question!

1. Using existing blogging platforms

Personal domain

Blog customization

Free or paid

  • Medium (not entirely free)
  • Hackernoon (entirely free)
  • Hashnode (entirely free)


  • You have no control 100% — No matter how much control it provides, you do not have control 100% over your blog when you use an existing platform. For example, some features might be missing, and there is nothing you can do about it.
  • You are tied onto that platform — On most blogging platforms, except Hashnode and Medium who allows custom domains, you lose everything when you move away. All the SEO and everything you built is gone. The reason is that the platforms get all the SEO juice unless you have a personal domain.
  • New features — Another vital drawback is that you cannot add features. If you want a feature for your blog, you are in bad luck. Some platforms allow you to propose new features, but it is not guaranteed that they will be implemented.


2. Building a blog from scratch

Benefits of using a custom blog

Full autonomy

You are not tied

Highly customizable

Drawbacks of using a custom blog

Waste valuable time

Pay charges

Blog into the void

Blog design


What should you do

  • have a personal domain and get all the traffic
  • to focus only on creating content and not building/maintaining it
  • to be somewhat customisable



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